This is the update page for the Dirty Old Coins CD-ROM (PC only). The files are compressed in .zip format but are still very large, use of a download manager such as GetRight or Go!Zilla is strongly recommended for dial-up users.

Note: these updates require a PC, they will NOT work on a Macintosh. Sorry! To update your CD you will need to copy its contents onto your hard drive. Once this is done you can download the proper updater to bring your database to the latest version (see below). Future updates will require that you repeat this process so don't throw away your old CD!

D.O.C. v1.00 Discontinued
D.O.C. v1.42 Discontinued
D.O.C. v1.53 Discontinued
D.O.C. v1.61 Discontinued
D.O.C. v1.70 Discontinued
D.O.C. v2.00 Discontinued
D.O.C. v2.01a Discontinued
D.O.C. v2.02 to v2.03 update (9Mb)
D.O.C. v2.03 to v2.05 update (23Mb)
D.O.C. v2.05 to v2.10 update (39Mb)
D.O.C. v2.10 to v2.11 update (46Mb)

If you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to e-mail