After the death of Constantine IX, Theodora was the sole surviving member of the Macedonian dynasty founded by Basil I, and ruled as empress in her own right for over a year. The elderly Theodora ruled with a firm hand, in stark contrast to the weak non-entities that preceded and followed her. Reprinted from The Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.

AU Histamenon Nomisma

SB 1837, DOC III 1 AU Histamenon Nomisma Obv: +IhSXISREXREGNANTInM - Christ standing on footstool facing, holding Gospels.
Rev: +θEOΔWPAAVGOVSTA - Theodora and the Virgin standing facing, holding labarum with pellet on the shaft between them; M Q at the Virgin's shoulders. (Constantinople). $1,050 5/21/03.

AU Tetarteron Nomisma

SB 1838, DOC III 2 AU Tetarteron Nomisma Obv: Bust of Christ, holding Gospels; IC XC to left and right.
Rev: +θEOΔWAVGOVC - Crowned bust of Theodora, holding scepter and globus cruciger. (Constantinople). $2,000 5/21/03.